• A320 Flight Instructor Courses

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Our flight instructor courses for A320 TRI/SFI allow you to obtain the authorisation of type instructor for multi pilot aircrafts Airbus A320.

As with the TRI (A) and with the SFI (A) courses you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills and instruct other pilots in a secure way, with theory training and practical training in a simulator.

Below you will find out what each course consists of, as well as the phases of the training and the prices of the courses.

A320 Type Rated Instructor TRI (A) course

The objective of the A320 Type Rated Instructor TRI (MPA) course capacitates the pilot to obtain the instructor certificate TRI (A) in the specific aircraft type.

The course provides a suitable training and equips the pilot, aspiring instructor with the necessary knowledge and resources to apply them in the theory of the instruction as with the synthetic flight instruction with the aim to instruct the type rating to which he/she is competent, in this case A320.

Access requirements

To access the Type Rated Instructor course for A320 you must fulfil the following access requirements, stipulated generally FCL.915 and privately FCl.915.TRI:

  • Possess a professional pilot licence in the applicable aircraft category.
  • Have completed 1500 flying hours as a pilot in multi pilot aircraft (MPA).
  • Have completed in the last 12 months before applying, 30 route segments, including take-off and landings as pilot flying or co-pilot in the applicable aircraft type, of which 15 segments can be completed in an FFS simulator of the applicable type.

A320 TRI (A) Course Content

The TRI (A) A320 course consists of three training phases plus a skill test:

  • Theory training of Teaching and Learning: 25 theory hours.
  • Technical training: 10 theory hours.
  • FSTD training: 10 FFS hours; 120 hours of LIFUS flights.
  • Skill test with SFE/TRE: 2 hours at least, plus briefing and debriefing as with all FFS sessions.

Additionally, if the pilot is already a holder of an instructor certificate, he/she will benefit from a credit of 25 hours of theory training on teaching and learning. To follow, we set out the different TRI categories:

  • TRI/r → Possesses all the attributes of TRI, but restricted to FFS.
  • TRI/ r LIFUS → Is a restricted TRI who can also instruct LIFUS flights.

A320 Simulator Flight Instructor SFI (A) Course

The objective of the Simulator Flight Instructor SFI (A) Course on A320 is to capacitate students in obtaining the SFI instructor certificate in the specific type of aircraft.

Equally to the TRI (A) course, to access the SFI (A) A320 course, the following requirements for access must be fulfilled stipulated generally FCL.915 and privately FCl.915.SFI.

Access Requirements

The requirements for access the SFI (A) course for A320 are the following:

  • Possess, or have possessed a CPL, MPL or ATPL in the aircraft of the appropriate category.
  • Have carried out a competency verification for the issuing of the specific type rating, in an FFS representative of the applicable type, within the last 12 months.
  • Have at least 1500 hours of flight as a pilot in multi pilot aircraft and, in the last 12 months previous to the application, have completed as pilot or observer at least:
    3 route sectors as a pilot in the applicable aircraft; or
    2 sessions in flight simulator directed by a qualified flight crew as a pilot of the applicable aircraft. These simulator sessions include 2 flights of at least 2 hours each and between 2 different aerodromes, the planning previous to the flight and the post informative meeting.

In the case of an applicant for an SFI (A) certificate, who holds a TRI certificate for the relevant type, that TRI certificate shall be fully counted towards the above requirements.

In addition, if the pilot already holds or has held an instructor certificate, he/she shall benefit from credit for the 25 hours of theoretical teaching and learning training.

A320 SFI (A) Course Content

The SFI (A) A320 course consists of three phases of training plus skill test:

  • Theoretical Teaching and Learning Training: 25 theory hours.
  • Technical Training: 10 theoretical hours.
  • FSTD Training: 10 hours in FFS simulator.
  • SFE/TRE skill test: 3 hours minimum, plus briefing and debriefing, as in all FFS sessions.

Prices of A320 Flight Instructor Courses

  • A320 TRI (A)
  • 9.000
  • A320 SFI (A)
  • 9.990