Multi Crew Cooperation

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MCC Courses or Multi Crew Cooperation, are required by practically all airline companies in their recruitment processes.

These courses will teach you how to coordinate cabin operations as captain and co-pilot: an indispensable requirement for flying multipilot aircraft.

At One Air Type Rating, you will carry out the MCC course in a FNPT II simulator based on Mid Jet A320, and with the Airbus A320 FTD compliant, which is a replica of the real cabin. This way you will do the MCC course training in one of the aircraft most used by airlines worldwide.

APS MCC Course

Multi Crew Cooperation
Airline Pilot Standards

Our APS MCC course, or Airline Pilot Standards, is an optimised training of the Multi Crew Cooperation which has been developed by EASA in collaboration with the principal training centres and airlines.

In accordance with the new European Rulings, APS MCC courses will be the minimum required by the main airlines with the objective of integrating and improving the JOC officially.

At One Air Type rating, true to our commitment of providing academic excellence, we’re designed out APS MCC course incorporating more value-added resources. This way, you will have more hours of the FNPT II Mid Jet than what is required; 10 hours of extra training in the Airbus 320 FTD Compliant; or preparation of specific assessment, among others.

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Multi Crew Cooperation

Medium Jet A320

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