Performance Based Navigation

The PBN, or Performance Based Navigation, course is a mandatory requirement for all Instrument Ratings issued from 2020 onwards. Since that date, the IR rating must be supported by the PBN Approach Certification, obtained by completing the course at an authorised ATO.

The PBN training course enables the acquisition of the competencies required by EASA for Performance Based Navigation (GPS). With a duration of 10 hours plus skill test, the course consists of a theoretical part, practice on a PBN-certified FNPT II simulator and an official exam to assess learning.

PBN Course on FNPT II certified Alsim ALX Airbus A320 Medium Jet simulator

The FNPT II Alsim ALX certified simulator based on Airbus A320 Medium Jet is an exceptional device for PBN training. Being the most complete and advanced simulator on the market, it allows our pilots to enjoy a completely realistic simulated flight, being able to familiarise themselves with the real procedures and characteristics of the aircraft.

In addition, at One Air Type Rating, we also offer you the Performance Based Navigation course in our certified simulator FNPT II Alsim AL42, a replica of the twin-engine aircraft Diamond DA42, with Glass Cockpit Garmin 1000.

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  • Also PBN Course on

    FNPT II Alsim AL42 simulator