Obtain your A320 type rating, in accordance to the requirements of the Aeronautical Authority with our Airbus A320 Type Rating course. Additionally, you can train in a cooperative environment in a standardised cabin which is orientated towards real operations in an airline company.

True to our commitment to offering quality training at One Air Type Rating E-ATO 316 we work to fulfil our primary objective: provide our pilots the best training as a tool for efficiency and above all security.

For this reason, through our programme and training method, we ensure we teach the required knowledge and skills in order to carry out operations in a multi crewed aircraft such as the Airbus A320.

Requirements to access the Type Rating A320 Course

Whether you have previously acquired the authorisation in another aircraft or lack experience, we will set out the requirements you need to fulfil in order to access the Airbus A320 Type Rating + Base Training.

Also, if you don’t fulfil one or various of the training requirements, our pilot school offers you the possibility to do the courses and training you need in order to gain access.

Requirements for Pilots Without Previous Type Rating

Commercial Pilot License CPL (A) + Theory ATPL (ATPL frozen) or Airline Transport License ATPL (A) in force. The IR (A) Rating + PBN + Multi-Engine class CR-MEPL (A) is also a requirement.

✓ English Language Proficiency, ICAO Level 4 Certificate minimum.

✓ EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate in force.

✓ Advanced UPRT Course Certificate or stamped Logbook.

✓ MCC Certificate.

✓ Hour Certificate and Logbook with a minimum of 70 hours of Pilot in Command (PIC) recorded.

Requirements for Pilots with a Previous Rating in Another Type

✓ EASA Multi-Engine and Instrumental Ratings in force (CR-MEP+IR)

✓ English Language Proficiency, ICAO Level 4 Certificate minimum.

✓ EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate in force.

A320 Type Rating course content

The A320 Airbus Type Rating course consists of a minimum of 24 working days broken down into a minimum of 5 weeks. To follow, we set out the hour distribution of the course.

  • 133 Face-to-Face Theory courses (GND Training):
    → 93 hours with an instructor using the 360º and CBT platform (given to the student before the start of the course).
    → 40 hours in the Airbus Procedure Trainer / Flight Training Device simulator (APT/FTD).
  • 36 Hours of instruction on Airbus A320 Full Motion FFS Class D simulator, including an exam in the FFS A320 CAT D simulator.
  • One hour of flight instruction in the Airbus A320 aircraft with 6 real touch-and-go’s.

Phase I – Theory + Simulator

For a correct familiarisation with limitations, systems and operational procedures of the A320, previous to commencing the course, you will have access to auto training in the CBT and VR 360º platform.

This way you can start to get to know the curriculum enabling better learning with the objective of guaranteeing a better understanding and making the most of the classes.

The first training phase, ground training (GND training) is 133 hours, (3 weeks) which you will carry out with authorised instructors in our facilities in Malaga:

90 hours with a ground instructor, where you will intensely study the subjects of systems, performance, M&B, and SOP’s of the A320.

✓ These will be employed through the CBT’s up to and until the official technical documentation of the Airbus (FCOM, AFM, QRH, etc.) as with the VR 360º platform among other resources.

✓ Finally, you will carry out the theory exams to verify the level and quality of your acquired knowledge.

43 hours with a ground instructor in an Airbus A320 EASA FTD Compliant, where you will train by the learning by doing principle.

✓ Thanks to the Airbus A320 simulator, you can put the SOP’s into practice, the concept of crew and task sharing (both previously assimilated in the MCC) in the same installations where the theory has been studied.

✓ Once the theory exam has been passed and you’ve been released by the instructor, after the last session of M/FTD, you can go on to the next phase.

Phase II – Training in FSTD Simulator

In this second phase of the Airbus A320 Type Rating course, you will train in an Airbus A320 FSTD Class D (Full Flight Simulator Training), in our facilities in Madrid, Barcelona or Paris.

The A320 Class D simulator is the most advanced training equipment which simulates the real movement of an Airbus A320, reproducing the system and behaviour with maximum realism.

You will carry out 36 hours including the skill test in this FSTD comprising the following as minimum:

  • 8 sessions of 4 hours each, all with briefings and debriefings at the beginning and the end, amounting to a total of 32 hours.
  • 1 exam session or skill test by an SFE/TRE of 4 hours, also with briefing and debriefing; amounting to a total of 4 hours.

Contrary to other ATO’s who carry out 5 hours of FTD and 31 hours of FSD Cat. D, in One Air Type Rating, we carry out all 36 hours in an A320 FSTD Cat D, guaranteeing better training and increasing real operational capacity of our pilots.

Phase III – A320 Base Training

In accordance with the requirements as per the Ruling and the Airlines, the A320 Type Rating includes real touch-and-go’s in an Airbus A320.

You will carry out 4 to 6 touch-and-go’s in an A320, including the motor and air manoeuvre with the main airline companies we have agreements with.

A320 Type Rating course prices


+ 6 Touch and Go’s

€ 21.500


+ 4 Touch and Go’s

€ 19.200