Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

The loss of control of an aircraft is one of the most dangerous risk factors. For this reason, preventing these situations es one of our priorities in pilots training.

With the UPRT course Upset Prevention & Recovery training, you will acquire knowledge and competencies for foresee and avoid losing control in flight. Should the moment arise, you will also learn how to react correctly and regain control of the aircraft.

In prepared aircraft, it’s possible to recreate dangerous situations so the pilots can experience the psychological and physiological factors of losing control in a controlled way.

The UPRT Course is obligatory as per the regulations

Since December 2019 all pilots who wish to obtain their type authorisation with an airline, need to have their UPRT course certification. It’s an obligatory requirement for any airline pilot. UPRT training is also obligatory for integrated ATPL courses, CPL (A) and MPL.

Right now, One Air is the European school with the highest number of aircraft with capacity for UPRT training: 9 new generation Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse. Thanks to this, it is possible to complete the requirement of obtaining the UPRT immediately for the rating completion. Besides, our students will be given preference.

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  • Also UPRT Course on Airbus A320

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