Obtain the requirements to unfreeze your frozen ATPL

Update your frozen ATPL to unfrozen, totally valid and unrestricted, with our specific Unfreeze ATPL (A) programme. It’s possible you may find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • You intend to access a captain’s post.
  • You fulfil requirements and wish to update your licence.
  • You wish to apply to the Ministry of Education for a validation of the equivalent of the Pilot Licence to a University Grade.

Whatever your reason, if you feel the time has come to unfreeze your ATPL licence completely, One Air Type Rating can help.

Requirements to access the Unfreeze ATPL (A) Course

Before accessing the Unfreeze ATPL (A)course, we will verify you fulfil the requirements to opt for an unrestricted ATPL as follow;

  • To be a holder of a MPL, CPL (A) with CR-MEPL and IR. In this case, you should be in possession of an MCC certificate.
  • As far as experience goes, you need to prove a minimum of 1500 flying hours by logbook or hours certificate and they fulfil the following conditions:
    a) 500 hours of multipilot operation
    b) 500 hours of Pilot in Charge (PIC) under supervision; or
    c) 250 hours of Pilot in Charge; or
    d) 250 hours, including at least 70 hours of Pilot in Charge and the rest as Pilot in Charge Under Supervision. (PICUS)
  • 200 hours of cross-country flight, with at least 100 hours as PIC and the remainder as PICUS
  • 75 hours of instrumental, and which no more than 30 hours can be carried out on the ground
  • 100 hours of night flying as PIC or copilot.

Additionally, of the total 1500 required flying hours, up to 100 hours can be carried out on the FFS and FNPT simulators. Of these 100 hours, a maximum of 25 hours can be carried out on the FNPT.

Also, there are credits and validations for flying other types of aircraft; in this case, when the moment comes, the case will be personally studied by the Head of Training of the ATO.

Finally, after revising all the documentation, it will be forwarded to the Aeronautical Agency and an authorisation will be requested so SFE/TRE can perform a skill test of the applicant.

This test will last approximately two hours with briefing and debriefing in the FFS class D simulator.

Unfreeze ATPL (A) Price

    ATPL (A)
  • 1.650